What are the 9 features of CRM which will help you in generating leads faster?

Date : March 26

Lead Generation is the most significant part of a business. It requires a lot of effort and creativity from the sales team. As there are thousands of tasks to be performed in the sales process and managing those with the traditional methods is not possible. Because of this, the result can’t even get close to the preset targets. People who are proactive can hit the Bull’s eye without even looking at the target but the rest of them require assistance from tools to achieve the goal which is required to stay on top. One of the best methods in the market to boost the efficiency of a salesperson is using software for CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

The role of CRM software is to simplify the management of a business and only focus to generate leads and revenue. It makes a good impression on your leads when you make a proper follow-up with good communication.

CRM Software comes with various features but the 10 important features are these:

  1. Business Alerts: This is not the ordinary pop-ups or notifications, business alerts are similar to the opportunity. Everyone wants to earn and grow their business. VS CRM alerts you when someone visits your website, mentions you on social media, opens your emails. VS CRM keeps track of all the customer’s activities - including leads integration Platforms like Justdial, sulekha, magic bricks, etc, so you can respond immediately, right from the VS CRM, and never miss any opportunity.

  2. Workforce Management: Having effective communication with leads increases the chance of converting leads into customers. Vs CRM ensures the management of your salesforce from lead generation to conversion with a proper follow-up and gathering their requirements. It also allows the admin to assign tasks to their workforce according to their designation and work so that the admin can monitor each employee’s work and performance.

  3. Mobile Access: I know time is precious and everyone wants to complete their work on their hand as soon as they can. Well CRM does it for you in the form of mobile apps. Mobile access made it more reliable and easy to access all the information of clients, Rapidly connecting calls, recording every important call, and can share voice notes and files on the go. With the Mobile CRM, you can manage the sales cycle of the whole organization just in your palm.

  1. Leads Platform Integration: Exactly, these platforms are also known as the business listing platform which is used to list the businesses according to their services. When leads interact from these platforms then you can directly manage them from your CRM. Platforms like Justdial, sulekha, 99acres, and magicbricks integrate and share the important lead data into your sales pipeline. With the custom integration, you’ll have more reach on leads so you can achieve a new milestone every day.

  1. Leads Status Management: Lead Management system ensures you drive more sales and achieve targeted revenue. Proper follow-up with the prospective leads doesn’t take much time to convert into clients. VS CRM does the same work for you, from importing bulk leads to manage communication to record every call, everything manages on one platform.  

  2. Sales Pipeline Management: Set the targets and assign work to the individuals, using the information stored in the CRM. Now the team or individual working towards the goal can measure their performance using real-time data and task status from the CRM. A sales forecast can only be predictable when good insights into team performance gains. Integrated sales tracking helps your sales team for better decision-making for flawless project management.

  3. Marketing Automation: Jio is a successful example of marketing. Without marketing you can’t be imaging good sales, for growth in sales, you need to analyze both marketing and sales data for a focused campaign. Integration of Marketing platforms like Bulk SMS, Mails, WhatsApp, and Google Ads, make CRM more effective and accurate attribution towards a perfect campaign.

  4. Call Recordings: Record all the important information in your CRM. Salesperson always depends on a call but what if he forgot to note a piece of important information. Exactly CRM w/-orks on every key point of sales from managing clients to converting every step of this pipeline you can record point-to-point information. This special feature is integrated with mobile CRM, which will help you in call recording as well as in automating calls so you can manage all calls effectively.

  5. Predictive sales Management: have you ever seen a crystal ball in a magician’s hand, which he used to predict the future. Now your business could have its own crystal ball that would allow you to create opportunities and build a path. CRM creates data-based predictions which will help to build an effective sales framework.

Conclusion: CRM is the most effective tool for every business, but it’s quite difficult to select one which can scale with your needs. These all features are important in a CRM to enhance the relationship with your customers. VS CRM has truly amazing interface with all the required functionality to connect customers.