Fully Featured CRM

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Powerful CRM

Our powerful CRM has each and every module which is required for business like it manages contacts, leads, partners, suppliers, vendors...

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Project Management

Ensure that you’re over your project at every Stage like tracking project activity and performance against the milestones...

Social-CRM Social-CRM-2

Social CRM

will detect the social media profile which is related to our contact’s email address...

Business-Overview Business-Overview-2

Business Overview

Business Overview provide you an overall view of the task dashboard, activity sets and reports etc...

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Go Mobile

Our CRM Software supporting android, iPhone and tablets also so, you can manage your business from anywhere and at any time...

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Key Integrations

Our CRM Software is integrated with some daily use entities like email Box, Dropbox, Evernote, G Suite, Mail Chimp, Outlook, 2013/Office 365...


Our CRM dashboard is designed to let our clients play out some particular activities and tasks with a solitary mouse-click from this interface. CRM dashboard is a panel where you can see the outline of the entire leads, Total gathering and your income. You can check your lead status in a graphical structure.


Team Structure

CRM Admin is a fully functional HTML Template designed for Customer relationship management software.

Our CRM Admin has full access over the entire process which going on software. Its admin allows the users to access entire orders and leads. Its only Admin who can create the users and provide access to ABM and ABE. At Admin panel users are allowed to customize report status and create branch and source.

Admin can create 2 sub-admin (User)

  • Area Business Manager
  • Area Business Executive


Our CRM Lead Panel permits the user to add, edit delete, check status, date, details of the Leads. The user hasthe facility to direct send the email to customers from CRM System and users can also set the reminders from our CRM.


Leads Report

Our CRM Lead Reports and Dashboards will show the profile of our clients by their industry name/type, organization size, item resources, income, and other important properties. Understand your client base and how itfluctuates with time.

By using our Lead Report users can filter the leads by their name, user type, email and date. Admin has permission to check entire reports and download them with the help of our Lead management System.

  • Customize the charts, reports, and filter
  • See real-time sales information and performance reports.
  • Monitor account progress
  • Monitor sales agents and performing


In our CRM you can add the task to remind the administration regarding the needs to play out the activity with the leads, contacts, and organization. This Task can be added in multiple ways. A Task could be made quickly with the reference to leads, origination and contact. For doing so please go to lead card option and from their select task in the movement field.

While adding Task, below-given points need to be followed:

  • Set date and time for task reminder
  • Set task title and lead
  • Set whom the user assigning the task and who is the observer.
  • Mark is the task active or not.

Company Details

There are certain association express nuances, which help to separate one relationship from another. Our CRM recommends Users with Administrator's advantage to re-try these association unequivocal nuances, so all customers under an association express record will have these fundamental features.

Steps for Accessing the Company Details

  • Log in to Variable soft CRM with Administrator rights.
  • Go to General > Add Company
  • Here click on the new Company Details icon
  • In the Company Details pop-up, Fill the details of your company
  • finally,Click on add company

Benefits Of CRM With No Limits

Implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution may include extensive time and cost. Nonetheless, there are numerous potential advantages.

A significant advantage can be the improvement of better relations with your current customer, which can prompt:

  • expanded deals through better planning because of envisioning needs dependent on historic trends.
  • recognizing needs more viably by understanding explicit customer prerequisites
  • strategically pitching of different items by featuring and proposing choices or improvements
  • recognizing which of your customer are productive and which are most certainly not