Real Estate lead management system

A real estate agent main target is to keep your customers drawn in and fulfilled. What's more, to be large and in charge, you have to see every customer's every enquiry, catch up with them now and again, secure new clients, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Adequately, it's a cycle. The more you make customized discussions, the more you gain dependability, the better brand believability you fabricate, and get new organizations and client referrals.

Invoice/ quotation / Easy invoices and bills

Variable soft Real estate Lead Management system helps you complete your sales team by getting your group to create save and edit invoices, quotation, pricing, and accounts bills. Deal with all your post-deals procedures utilizing inventory management features, and offer your quotation and invoice to prospects through custom email and receipt formats.

Contact reminder

Rather than setting up manual reminders for every updates or task, you can wisely choose your rundown of assignments for the afternoon and let CRM do the rest of the work to remind you. You don't need to stress over recalling what you ought to do (and when). Our CRM software real estate will consequently send your updates for your exercises dependent on their particular Best time to Contact clients

Customized Lead

Customization Module of CRM helps administrators to customize the software as per business requirements. Forms, Fields, Views, Emails, SMS, Product Logo, Templates, Reports and Dashboards are all customizable to suit client requirements.


Customize lead Report

Generate your lead follow up email, field updates, and notify to give your real estate sales time to close more deals. Use our Customize lead Report procedure Generation abilities to guarantee everybody in your business follows the correct deals process.

Real Estate CRM Dashboard Highlights


Lead Automation/Management


Leads/Property Buyers


Bookings/Sales Closure


Property Master/manage Inventory

Sales Calls

Sales Calls




Healthy Customer Communication


selling & Cross Selling


Broker/Agents Master