Double Your Sales Force Efficiency By Real Estate CRM

Date : March 17

Some years back, if somebody asked me what is the most important asset of a business? Or what is the real Economy of an organization? I probably have been answered with terms like money, property, bonds, etc. But in this fast-changing and growing world, I have only one answer left - “Time”.

Time is the most precious resource of any business. Now the question arises, what is the relation between time and Real Estate CRM? It is very simple. Most of the organizations fail to work due to their mismanagement of time. They invest most of their time in generating new leads rather than managing their existing leads. Or they fail to understand that they have to do both things simultaneously. This is where every organization needs CRM software to manage its sales. But still, we have our question unanswered. How time is related to CRM in Real Estate? I will try to explain, using various processes of a Real Estate company.

1. Lead Generation:- The most time-consuming task in the Real Estate business is generating leads. It is even disastrous when you have to manage a long set of spreadsheets and add all your leads manually. But, now you can integrate websites and portals like Justdial, magicbricks, 99Acres, makan, etc. with Real Estate CRM to gather all your leads automatically on a single system where you just have to eat fruit without watering it.

2. Manual Calling:- Dialling every phone number and calling a customer is a traditional and the most effective method but wait don’t you think it requires a great amount of effort and time to dial a hundred or two hundred numbers using your hands. Real Estate CRM comes with an Autocall dashboard which allows you to call all your customers with just one click. It saves around 70% of your time by improving the flow of calling and thus could be utilized in improving your follow-ups.

3. Follow-ups:- “I don’t remember what I discussed with my client last time? When did I call him last time? Oh shit! I forgot to call him last Monday”. These questions can alter the lifecycle of any business. Our CRM helps you to not waste your time in thinking about these questions but to invest your time in managing your follow-ups as it provides an automated follow-up management system where you can schedule every call and every meeting. Also, you can update the feedback according to the discussion with your client.

4. Marketing Campaigns:- Marketing campaigns like bulk SMS and mass email have always been the most favorite tools of all the organizations to reach their targeted audience but setting up and using these tools parallel with the CRM is again a time-sucking process. But, VS CRM provides you a single but sophisticated platform where you can plan and manage all your marketing campaigns along with keeping your leads on priority. Also, you can create an infinite number of templates for your future campaigns.

5. Invoice Generation:- No more time-consuming paperwork as our VS CRM also provides you a self-sufficient Invoice generation system that automatically generates an invoice for every deal with a unique customer ID which helps you to trace back your clients.

Real Estate CRM reduces your time wastage by almost 100% that means you have twice the time as compared to your competitors. It is your best chance to save your time in almost every process and that time could be invested to generate more and more revenue. But, there is something more in our CRM software that is rare. “Have you ever thought of monitoring your team with the same CRM?”

“Yah, I know. You never heard about this”.

Let me tell you about this. Our CRM also comes with many employee tracking features like call recordings and location tracking.

6. Call Recording:- Most of the companies use diallers to save the time of calling and recording their every call so that they can check the activity of their teams. But everybody knows how expensive they are. And I have the solution for your budget issue. Our CRM also comes with a recording feature that allows you to record every call and store that recording along with the lead details for future reference.

7. Location Tracking:- If you allow it, not just in India but in the whole world, wherever you go our VS CRM application can follow you. It can track your employee’s location with great accuracy and can tell you whether he is in a meeting with a client or he is somewhere else.

This is how you can increase your revenue by saving and reinvesting your valuable time to the business and by improving the efficiency of your sales force using the tracking features of our Real Estate CRM Software.