What is task management?

Task management is more than a plan for the day. It implies following errands from start to finish, appointing subtasks to colleagues, and setting cutoff times to ensure ventures complete on schedule. Errand the executives programming, similar to Asana, enables groups to work all the more gainfully and effectively. Errand the executives is the way toward dealing with an assignment through its life cycle. It includes arranging, testing, following, and announcing. Assignment the executives can enable either individual to accomplish objectives, or gatherings of people team up and share information for the achievement of aggregate objectives.

Key benefits of using task management software

Keep tasks in one place

Spare time, abstain from losing work and data, agent, and track errands to remain on calendar and hit cutoff times.

Prioritize your work

Following undertakings permits everybody to comprehend which are increasingly significant or require additional time, so groups can design their time and fulfill time constraints.

Improve collaboration

Offer records, criticism, thoughts, and all the more so colleagues can take advantage of a similar pool of information at whatever point they need.

Key features includes

  • Task Filters to organize your tasks

  • Filter by Task Type, Due Date, Assigned User, Priority, Status, Client.g

  • Simple 'My Tasks' feature for your staff to quickly locate tasks assigned to them

  • Task Folders / Parent Tasks allow you to group your tasks easily (with no limit on recursive levels).

  • Drag & Drop task management allows you to quickly move tasks around between folders.

  • Inline task editing allows you to click on Task Status, Type, Priority, Assigned fields and quickly change the data - without opening the whole task detail form.

  • Task Export to Excel

  • Import Tasks from Excel

  • Import Tasks from MS Project

Basic features

  • Task templates and recurring tasks

  • Checklists and priority levels

  • Unlimited subtasks (nested projects)

  • Individual and group tasks

  • Gantt chart

  • Time tracking

  • Daily planner

  • Projects and workgroups

  • Reports

  • Mobile

  • Workflow (business processes)

  • Task reminders and notifications

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