About Digi-Society App

DIGI-SOCIETY is an advanced cell APP for inhabitants living in lodging social orders, apartment suites and gated networks. We are changing the manner in which society and security the board procedures are dealt with to make them proficient and to make our premises more secure and progressively secure, prompting a tranquil life in a gated network. Our vision is to supplant the old and monotonous paper based society the board framework, guaranteeing digitization of private networks. Our saying is to engage and empower the occupants of our social orders towards a smoother change into a Digital Future.


Features Of App



User can Send Notices, bills and reminders to the residents in society.


Visitor Management

User can Approve or disapprove of visitors coming to your apartment, allowing the security guards at the gates to act accordingly. User Invite guests to home, sending them unique OTPs that can be provided at the gates for hassle free movement.



User can Ask for help, opinions or just chat with other members on an open forum for any queries.


Staff Management

Keep track of attendance along with IN and OUT times of all staff members employed by the society.


Home Services

Connect to stores, mechanics, and other professionals in and around your locality.



Call emergency services such as Police, Fire brigade, ambulance or the on duty guard in an instant.


Facility Management

Request bookings for society amenities right from your smart phones.


Flat Master

Provides you with contact details of all the members & tenants in case of emergencies or for a social call.



Access photos and videos of cultural and social events in the society.


Pay Bills

Pay maintenance and utility bills in an easy manner on a secure platform.


Complaint Box

Raise and manage all complaints that would need society intervention.


Instant Poll

Conduct polls asking members for their advice/opinions on matters of the society.

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