Software Outsourcing

Our managed outsourcing services help organizations maintain focus on their core operations while we manage their offshore software outsourcing needs.

Software Development

Decidedly customized software solutions that support different combination of platforms and applications which address cross-functional business needs of the clients.

Content Management

Flexible and powerful CMS solutions, to make your website dynamic and interactive, thereby enhancing your site impact.

E-Commerce Portals

We specialize in developing dynamic database-driven E-Commerce Portals, the most cost-effective way of promoting your business online.


Testing and QA Services

we provide a comprehensive approach of testing and quality assurance to help you build a product or service through accelerated testing methods in order to reduce errors and defects in software that can affect your operations

We are expertise in Web scraping & Crawling

Web scraping

This art is used to make data gathering fast & collectivly automated. Itis also known by other names like Web Data Extraction, Web Content Extraction, Web Harvesting, Web Data Grabbing, Web Data Mining and Screen Scraping. Web scraping refers to getting information from many of websites from the internet, and condense it into a singular source. Scraping literally means scratching, and that’s what is actually done in web scrape.

Web crawling

The web Crawling normally refers to deal with large Sets of data that crawl the deepest of web pages .Crawlers may used to convene specific data from web pages.