data scraping service & Web crawling

Date : October 11

web crawler is also popularly known as a web spider. It is an automated program that browses the World Wide Web (www) in automated way. This process is also known as web crawling.

search engines use web crawling as an effective way of providing updated data. Web crawlers are primarily used for creating a copy of all the pages that have been visited, for later processing by search engine. The search engine indexes the downloaded pages to facilitate faster searches. These spiders can also be used for validating HTML code.

Web crawlers can also be used effectively to collect specific information from websites, such as e-mail addresses.

These days, web scrapping is being used to extract large volumes of data from websites, and the data so extracted is saved in a local file or database in the form of spreadsheets.

web scrapping should not be confused with web crawling as these are two distinct things.

If you need to extract exact web content – let’s say, for business intelligence , email marketing, research, text analytics or big data applications – then you want a professional web data monitoring and extraction solution provider. Dissimilar to web crawlers, this kind of cutting-edge technology is designed to extract the precise content you require, and format it so that you can use it.

Variable soft is a leading figure in web content extraction and data mining services and solutions. we extract the exact information you need, cleanses it, standardizes and normalizes it into a regular structure, and delivers it in the correct format – including excel, XML, CSV and XLS.

If you are planning on applying this to your online store, Variable soft has a proprietary software tool available that has been thoughtfully designed to perform data scrapping on your ecommerce website. It is especially useful for online retailers who are not satisfied with their dropship supplier’s digital data. The software can be used to download inventory, price and product information into spreadsheets from your drop ship supplier’s online portal.



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